It’s all right to sometimes escape reality and play video games


Dashay Cameron

People often review video games as negative because of certain graphics and words being used. The longer the Corona virus keeps us in isolation the more we need frivolity and escapism. Video games can also help gamers boost their opportunities as in future gaming careers.  Even problem solving games like  “Hidden Agenda” can help kids develop problem solving skills. Some games have missions where skills are used and motivates people to take action. Even calm games like Angry can teach kids that in order to complete, one needs patience and focus. Video games can provide more information about topics like technology. It can boost people’s social skills and personal skills. These energizing action games can also improve your ability to make game-time decisions in real life. Although excessive playtime can have negative consequences, gaming in moderation can be healthy, fun, and educational. To help get your started, we’ve reviewed some of our favorite games. We also created a poll, so you can vote for your favorite too.


Overall: 5 stars

Graphics: 5 stars

Playability: 5 stars

The spider game was voted game of the year because of the fun challenges you get and you get to explore the world. The game shows kindness and respect to civilians and teaches concepts in chemistry and physics through missions and tools. It also introduces energy mechanics. The missions challenge your mind to think about how to complete the task which is the skill problem solving. It also challenges yourself to try the objective again if you failed the first time.