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Seniors envision success, children and more

Jamal Quinones
Dylan Maloney plans to own two businesses.

Where do seniors see themselves in 10 years? The news staff asked eight seniors about their hopes for the future. Note: A version of this also appears in the yearbook, which was distributed on May 31. 

Fahim Chouldhury: In 10 years, I see myself in the countryside with a family of two twin boys and a farm I own that is full of cows, chickens and exactly one rooster to wake me up everyday. I picture myself changing the diapers of the kids while the mother isn’t home.

Christi-Alexis Cisse: In 10 years I plan to be a successful managing registered nurse. I studied at Hunter College. I live in Mount Vernon with a small gray house that I will share with my husband and kids in the future. I’m studying for my masters degree in nursing to become a nurse practitioner. I want to be able to have time to achieve my goals in life and also have time for myself to travel.

Dylan Maloney: I see myself owning twp businesses and becoming an entrepreneur, then eventually getting myself a small little house and getting that fluent income”.

Breanna Yuen: “In the future I see myself graduating from City Tech and hopefully finishing up nursing school. In the process of saving up for a house. Depending on my income I would live in an area that is affordable, but my ideal place would be Texas with two cats.”

Andres Garcia looks forward to living on a farm. (Cesar Jimenez)

Andres Garcia: “In 10 years, I’m going to be on a farm with my wife and 10 kids. I’m going to have 5 chickens, 2 horses, and 1 cow. I will live out the rest of my days on the arm and make occasional trips to the city.”

Felix Romero: “In 10 years, I see myself being a mechanical engineer. I want to be financially stable enough to take care of my family and kids if I have any, and go on vacations whenever I want to.”

Rinaldo Castillo: “In 10 years, I see myself in college studying. I see myself getting a PHD so I can become a therapist. I see myself successful.”

Darnell Francis-Mozon: “In 10 years, I see myself being a better person. I see myself going to a trade school and becoming a music teacher helping my students pursue their dream in music.”

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