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Popeyes’ chicken sandwich: Crispy delight or soggy mess?

Jomayra Amparo
Love it or hate it, Popeyes’ famous chicken sandwich is a popular choice in the Bronx.

Popeyes makes a great sandwich

By Jomayra Amparo

The Popeyes chicken sandwich is one of the best chicken sandwiches I’ve tried. There are many components that make this sandwich as immaculate as it can be. Although it can be a miss, if you get it freshly made, it is amazing.
In the chicken sandwich, they crisp the bread’s insides, make the chicken crispy and add juicy pickle slices. You have the choice to customize and add cheese and bacon. In my opinion, adding extra pickles are what really tie everything in; each bite is just as juicy as the bite prior.
I like to get my chicken sandwich with frozen lemonade. With this frozen beverage you can add strawberries. I prefer not to. I also get buttermilk ranch to add sauciness, and although it sounds weird, it makes it just as good. The bun is soft, so it lets the crunch of the chicken sandwich do its own thing. The crunchiness of the pickles also adds to the flavors.

Why I hate the Popeyes chicken sandwich

By Myess Hammouri

I’ve had the Popeyes chicken sandwich a few times and I can officially say that it is overrated. Let’s stop focusing on trivial matters and settle the fact that the Popeyes chicken sandwich could be improved in so many ways. The sandwich doesn’t deserve all the hype it gets.

First of all, the chicken sandwich isn’t crispy. Its greasiness weighs it down, making it soggy. This also makes the bread mushy, leading to the sandwich falling apart. The pickles are nice, but they barely even give any. The sandwich tastes pretty bland and it has no distinct flavor. Therefore, this means that it isn’t unique or special in comparison to other chicken sandwiches.

Second, the chicken is extremely dry and not tender in any way. The chicken doesn’t fall apart, it is very tough and I need to gnaw on it to get a bite off. Though this doesn’t apply to every chicken sandwich, I’ve had from Popeyes, it applies to the majority. I wish the chicken was juicier and the lack of sauce only makes it worse. Popeyes is very stingy with the amount of sauce on their sandwiches, bringing me to my next point.

Another major issue I have with Popeyes is the fact that I need to pay almost a dollar extra for one sauce. Sauces used to be free, but now three sauces exceed two dollars. I find this ironic, as fast food is meant to be a cheap and quick alternative to a cooked meal. Not to mention that they’ve upped the price of the actual sandwich. When the sandwich first came out in 2019, it was $3.99. Now, the sandwich is a whopping $5.99.

Overall, the Popeyes chicken sandwich isn’t the worst, but it could definitely use some work. Considering its price, this sandwich isn’t worth it and while some do like it, it needs to be improved as soon as possible.

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