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Students share what makes their culture special

Jamal Quiniones
Students demonstrate Bengali cultural wear.

Have you ever gone to a place where you saw people wearing clothes or eating food that you never saw before? Do you ever wonder what makes them different from you and the way you dress up or the food you eat? Well, it’s a part of culture.

Culture is a big part of people’s identity. “Culture is a concept that encompasses the social behavior, institutions, and norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups.” said Edward, an English anthropologie back in 1800s. Culture can be someone’s language, clothing and food that they share in the community.

What does culture mean to you?
“ Culture is what you grow up with and What do you follow growing up? Culture brings you closer to your family and friends. Similar cultures among a group of people make a strong community” said Christi- Alexis Cisse, a senior in Bronx River high school.Culture is everything made, learned, or shared by the members of a society, including values, beliefs, behaviors, and material objects. Culture is learned, and it varies tremendously from society to society.(SN) “Culture represents my background and how I was raised” said Duaa Kassim, a student in 12th grade.

What are some traditions you follow in your culture?

“As Muslims we have to dress modestly for both men and women and we also have family gatherings every holiday we celebrate.” _ Duaa Kassim.
“ For my culture, one of my favorite traditions is when we have a family BBQ party and we also come together to pray for god (Jesus).” _ Christi- Alexis Cisse.
“ As for us Bengalis, we celebrate “Pohela Boishakh “, the 1st day of the Bengali calendar. We also celebrate Independence Day(16,December) and Language day(21 February).” _ Sumaiya Jahan.

What are some of your cultural dresses?

“ In Jamaican culture we wear plaid dresses, Caribbean dresses and white button shirts. We have mixed culture in Jamaica.” _ Christi- Alexis Cisse.
“ We Yemenes were sanaani, Dare dress and Thube for men.” _ Duaa Kassim.
“In Bengali culture we were shari, salwar kameez, punjabi and lungi for men. We share similar clothing with India.” _ Sumaiya Jahan.

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