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Artist of the month: Carlos Acosta likes to draw

Kevin Brito
Carlos Acosta, the artist of the month, shares his ideas about drawing.


Art teacher Aimee Cavazzi, describes Carlos Acosta as ” true artist in every sense of the word.”  “He’s creative and has incredible drawing skills,” she says. 

Carlos shares his insights about art below: 

How long have you been creating art? Since I was a toddler.

What inspired/inspires you to create art?  It just comes easy to me, and I have a need to draw

How does creating art make you feel? Explain.  Prideful in a way. It’s kind of fun. 

Who are your favorite artists? I don’t really have a favorite artist, I just draw.

When it comes to art, what is your preferred tool?   A lead pencil because pencils can get dull and lead pencils allow for more details.

Did you learn how to draw? Or did you just always know how?  I always kind of knew how; then I just searched up videos on how to get better at it.

What would you say is your general skill range?  I’m intermediate and about to be advanced.

Is there anything you have trouble with in the world of art?  I struggle with realism.

What is something you see other artists do that you dislike?  I don’t really care about other artist’s work; I just focus on what I’m doing.

Are you considering pursuing art as a career or would you prefer doing it as a hobby? I could consider it as a career

What piece of art that you’ve done, do you like the most? Why do you like it? What is the message?  I have a lot, but I don’t just have one favorite. 

What do your drawings/paintings/artwork mean to you? To others? Explain. My skill level, and a checkpoint of where I am right now.


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