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Artist of the Month: Hashan Chowdhury inspired by his sister’s art

Scarlette Manzanarez
Hashan Chowdhury, the Artist of the Month, says his sister inspired his interest in art.

The students in Aimee Cavazzi’s art class selected junior Hashan Chowdhury as the artist of the month. He shares his views on art below:

Other art students admired Hashan Chowdury’s work, including this piece. (Staff photo)

Q: How long have you been creating art?
A: I started creating art since I was a child because art always had my best interest in it.

Q: What inspired/inspires you to create art?
A: My sister inspires me to create art because I always saw her drawing and I wanted to be an artist like her.

Q: How does creating art make you feel? Explain?
A: Creating art makes me feel good because it helps me explain my feelings without using words.

Q: Who is your favorite artist? Why?
A: My sister Jannatul Chowdhury is my favorite artist because she is great at art and she has been creating artwork 15 years ago.

Q: When it comes to art, what is your preferred tool? Explain?
A: When it comes to art I prefer to use paint, carbon material and digital art because it’s easier to draw with  than paint.

Q: Did you learn how to draw or did you just always knew how?
A: I always knew how to draw because I mostly saw my sister draw.

Q: What would you say is your general skill range?

A: I would say it’s 9/10 in a certain category of art.

Q: Is there anything you have trouble with in the world of art?

A: I always have trouble using water paint because it always gets mixed up and it’s hard to control the paint.

Q: What is something you see other artists do that you dislike?

A: One thing I dislike other artists do is put unnecessary details on their artwork.

Q: Do you consider pursuing art as a career or would you prefer doing it as a hobby?

A: I would love to have art as my job but I’m not sure if I would make a career out of it so It’s just my hobby.

Q: What piece of art that you’ve done, do you like the most? Why do you like it? What is its message?

A: The art I created that I like the most is a block print called “Tears and Blood of Palestine” because I want Palestine to be free and have the life they deserve. I want people to see that Palestine has been treated unfairly and so many people, especially children are being killed. “

Q: What’s your favorite type of art style? Why?

A: My favorite type of art is Graphic designing and Photoshop because I’ve been doing this for a long time and I have a lot of experience.

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