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Seniors look forward to next steps

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Shavon Evelyn, the 12-grade guidance counselor, helps students find the right path after graduation.

As the weather warms up, high school seniors are faced with a range of emotions regarding their impending graduation and the transition into adulthood. The prospect of graduation being just three months sparks either anxiety or excitement for seniors. The reality of our transition to adulthood comes full force with students deciding if they want to further their education in their selected college or attend a trade school. Students have had the opportunity since the beginning of the school year to create their list for schools both out of state and in state.
Trade school has been an opportunity for many Bronx river students to experience and look into as an alternative that can display their skills physically that can turn into a lifelong career. These moments of exploration can be crucial for people who feel connected to their skill or hobby.
Estefany Moran is choosing to focus on pursuing trade school. “Trade school is a more hands-on experience and I would be able to show my abilities better,’’ she said. “I felt like college was the standard, but trade school is more beneficial for me.”
She goes on to talk about her future plans. “I want to be in coop tech so I can have experience in unisex hairstyling and then I can have a career as a hairstylist.”
Felix Romero shares his interest in attending City college, majoring in Engineering. “My step dad inspired me to become involved in mechanical engineering because I saw him fix cars often and other objects.”
His additional thoughts involved graduation. “It’s scary graduating soon because we’re by ourselves in college and there’s less support. I’m still ready for college and I’m motivated.”
There are Junior students who wish to graduate high school early if they attend additional classes that would earn them the required credits. One such student is Yancarlos Perez. “I’ve committed to Baruch College and I want to major in computer science,’’ she said. “ My biggest challenge is time management, but on the bright side I’m able to experience college early. If you’re graduating early it’s important to have emotional and mental strength.”
Although there are several students who have a general idea of what their future plans are, there are students who are still looking into what opportunities would have the most clarity. “Be true to yourself and your interests,’’ said Shavon Evelyn, the senior guidance counselor. “It can be difficult to choose what you want to become, but you have to think about what’s important to you and you can always make a change later on.’’.
With these determined students having their own goals and ambitions they’ve experienced their own struggles. However, they seem optimistic about their future goals and found their own passions.

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