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Dashay Cameron, a senior at Bronx River High School, loves boxing and can't wait to study biology next year.

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Students have to go through a scanner each time they enter the school.

Scanners in the mornings

May 28, 2022

Every morning at  the Lehman High School campus, students have  to go through scanners before entering the school, which takes up extra time as they try to get to class.  The lines are  long and complicated....

Pushing through the obstacles

January 29, 2022

We all have struggled and been stressed as seniors at one point and came across challenges that we thought we couldn’t handle but we pushed through those obstacles.  Being a senior can be stressful....

Dashay Cameron

It’s all right to sometimes escape reality and play video games

January 8, 2022

People often review video games as negative because of certain graphics and words being used. The longer the Corona virus keeps us in isolation the more we need frivolity and escapism. Video games can...

Bronx River Students Share Opinions About Masks

Bronx River Students Share Opinions About Masks

December 11, 2021

For the past two years, masks have been a big topic for students. Students and staff in school have to wear masks, even if they've been vaccinated. And starting on Monday, Dec. 13, New York State will...

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Dashay Cameron