Bronx River Students Share Opinions About Masks

For the past two years, masks have been a big topic for students. Students and staff in school have to wear masks, even if they’ve been vaccinated. And starting on Monday, Dec. 13, New York State will require people to wear masks in all private businesses and public buildings – unless everyone who enters shows proof of vaccination. So we asked students what they think: Do we still need to wear masks or not? Here’s what students at Bronx River are saying. And in keeping with the mask mandate, we’re masking students’ identities by just using their initials.

Keep Masks On

E.N, 11th grade: “I always wear my mask, I’m scared of getting Covid and dying.”

J.M,  10th grade: “Masks are what keep me from spreading sickness and taking in sickness from people.”

AE, 12th grade:  “We never know what people have; the world is so large, so yeah my mask is my best friend.”

AP ,12th grade: ”Masks are annoying and all but we don’t want to risk getting sick.”

SS, 12th grade:  “I don’t like the masks; they hurt my ears and head but I’ll do anything to not get Covid.”. 

Take Off the Masks

DI, 11th grade: “I’m fully vaccinated, no point in a mask anymore.”

JL, 12th grade: “Masks hurt my face sometimes and I can’t even breathe at times.

JG, 11th grade:  “Wearing a mask is worthless when people don’t even wear it outside anymore.”

RS, 12th grade:  “Masks are a lie they don’t even protect us  cause death rates are still going up.”


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