Pushing through the obstacles

We all have struggled and been stressed as seniors at one point and came across challenges that we thought we couldn’t handle but we pushed through those obstacles. 

Being a senior can be stressful. I have to keep up with my grades to maintain a high GPA which could be a lot of stress on my end. Handing in homework on time and making sure I’m organized with all my classes has never been a problem. It’s the fact that I know this is my last year and I have to apply and get into a good college that fits me. I stress about college because sometimes I worry I’m not smart enough to be there, but that’s outer voice talking. Deep down I know I’m smart enough to be anywhere because I put the work in to succeed. I had to push myself to the limit I wanted, which is to always stay on top of everything.

Sometimes I stress because I see the work I’m doing is too confusing to understand, but I taught myself I can’t believe in stress because stress leads to doubt and doubt leads to failure. When I stress about being a senior I turn that stress into confidence. When I see low grades, it makes me overthink; it’s not something I’m proud of because I know I could have pushed myself to do better. Every time I do stress I just remind myself to look ahead and not back. Especially when I’m at work and I realize I forgot to do my homework and I know it’s an essay due in 3 hours. It’s a lot of pressure and stress because I go straight to work after school.

I feel like I mainly stressed because it’s my last year of high school and I want everything to be perfect. 

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