Hamilton on Broadway

Students earn right to attend with history project


Students got a chance to see the Broadway show “Hamilton” on May 3.

Performers from “Halmilton” answer student questions after the performance. (Jamal Quinones)

Valerie Dolan, the 11th grade US history teacher, organized a trip to go see “Hamilton” on Broadway with students from all grades of BRHS. But, there was a catch. Whoever wanted to go see Hamilton on Broadway had to participate in a project where you would have to create a short rap, song, poem or play in a groups of two to three people. It could be about anything but it had to have the same style as Hamilton’s songs and rap verses. A lot of students participated with limited tickets but it all worked out in the end. The Broadway show was a lot of fun for the students that went and they even had time at the end to ask the cast members any questions.