Temple University provides diverse offerings

Juniors visit Philadelphia as part of college tour


Anastacia Vidot

Students ate lunch at the Student Center on the Temple University campus.

Editor’s Note: Anastacia Vidot and about 50 other juniors visited Temple University, the Liberty Bell and the Ben Franklin Museum on May 4 as part of the school’s College Access for All program.  Anastacia shares her impressions below: 

Upon arriving at Temple University, I was greeted with the sight of food trucks on almost every corner. Temple is an enormous campus with over 7,500 students living on campus. Students have a variety of over 200 student organizations as well. At first glance it can seem overwhelming, but near the entrance there’s a map displayed and you can receive counseling services. 

For incoming freshmen, the tour guide said that “freshmen get to experience carnivals and block parties.” Hearing this peaked my interest because being a freshman can be a nerve-wracking experience, so it’s nice to have these events. Freshmen can receive residential assistance if needed. 

Throughout the tour we saw institutions for the different majors and needs. Going inside the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, we saw beautiful  student art pieces displayed on the walls. Other schools include the Boyer College of Music and Dance, the Fox School of Business and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality.  If you’re unsure about your major, the general study hall is what you would have to attend. 

Overall, Temple University provides many different opportunities for a diverse study body.