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Teachers perform, students win during pre-winter break events

Jamal Quinones
Championship game: Team Jupiter vs Team Carlos.
Finalists #2
Carlos & John (Jamal Quinones)

Students and teachers sang at Town Hall on February 16. the last school day before winter break. Many students were shocked at the teachers participating in singing this time around. Pedro Rabeje played the guitar  while Monique Paes sang. The teachers loved the throwback song, “Fast Car “by Tracy Chapman, as they sang along with Paes.
As tradition follows, the LOGIC awards were given out. Starting with L, Love of Learning, students Sadie Ahammad, Marie Coati Camacho, Jeremiah Baffoir, and Vincezo DeAngelis won. These students have shown their yearn to learn more and keep up their grades.
For Mr. O’s Optimism to honor David Ollivierre, the winners were Mia Lappe, Victor Huertas, Jahayme Lamar, and Blas Leon Lucino. These select students have come across as optimistic, and hopefully continuing to spread their optimism.
The next award, G for  Grit,  went to Juan Tirado, Joshua Graham, Hazel Ramos, and Duaa Kassim. They have worked hard to pick up and maintain their good grades.
Next, there was I, for Intellectual Curiosity. Yerelin Pacheco Taveras, Safwan Chowdhury, Emily Trinidad, and Cynthia Suarez, have shown a keen interest in

Teacher Dennis Lucid performs his famous pre-game workout. (Jamal Quinones)

learning more about what they’re being taught.
Lastly, C, for Caring. The students for Caring are Jaylin Gutierrez, Jayden Colon, Star Thames, and Brian Florentino. They have shown their care for their fellow acquaintances and teachers.
At Town hall, there was a tournament for pickleball where students played teachers. The students were sure they would be victorious for this tournament, especially since they’ve been practicing. There were four games going on simultaneously, and there were two people keeping score together.
For the first matches, teachers were Charley Rupurto and Francis Ayala vs. Justin Sadlel Diaz Arias and Jupiter Gomez. The winners of this match were Jupiter and Justin.
On the next court we had Jennifer Lippold and Greg Fucheck vs. Leonardo Burgos and Brandon Ford. The students lost this round, so Lippold and Fucheck progressed.
For the next matches we had Tene Kelly and Dennis Lupid against John Long and Carlos Cruz. The teachers lost this round, so John and Carlos won.
The next and final court match was Anna Marie Jack and Dan Herguth against Dylan Clementi and Alex Disla. Alex and Dylan won this round.
The semi standoffs were Jupiter and Justin vs. Lippold and Fucheck. Lippold and Fucheck did not win against Jupiter and Justin.
Alex and Dylan went against John and Carlos for the semi finals, and Alex and Dylan lost.
This led to the finals. Jupiter and Justin vs, Carlos and John. They had an extremely long rally, losing and gaining points back to back. As the end came, John missed, giving Jupiter and Justin the absolute victory. Many were happy, others wanted John and Carlos to win. All in all, it was a very intense standoff between the four students.

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