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Juniors get chance to take part in JROTC

New program open to all schools on campus
Fahima Akter
Students in the JROTC program practice marching drills on the football field.
Sergeant Murray leads the Lehman Campus’ new JROTC program. (Fahima Akter)

Lehman campus opened its first Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) program at the start of the spring semester.

All the schools in Lehman Campus can participate in this program, not just Bronx River High School. There are a total of 45 students in this program and 13 of them are from Bronx River.

“This is a new opportunity for high school students to learn about what life is like outside school,’’ said assistant principal Tene Kelly. “It is also a program to give students options after graduating high school.’’

“This is a military program that teaches leadership and discipline to high school students,’’ she added. “The purpose of this program is to prepare the students so they have a better understanding of what to do after high school.”

This program is monitored by Pelham Lab High School and the teacher of the JROTC program is Sergeant  Murry, who started as a teacher in September 2023.

“I chose to be a teacher on this campus because it’s closer to my house,” he said. “Another factor is that many people think if you join JROTC, you are in the military.” he said. “Many people say this but in reality, you’re just learning how to become a better and organized person. This program is offered on Thursday at different periods and I have a total of 45 students in this campus.”

So what’s the deal with JROTC teaching these Juniors all these things? “This military program teaches leadership, discipline and physical programs,” he said.  “This will help students decide where there or not to go to college or military for them to decide which path they should take.’’

Yeimy Deleon joined the JROTC in February and is enjoying the class so far. “The teacher is very nice and fun and teaches us discipline,’’ she said. “ JROTC also teaches us respect and loyalty and after joining JROTC, I’m interested in joining the military but I’m not sure if I will.”

Yibely Guzman Roja also is enjoying the class. “My experience in JROTC has been good so far and in this class I learned marching, movements on foot of military troops and units under field orders and working out every Friday,” she said.

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  • M

    Mr. DiodatoApr 10, 2024 at 2:17 pm

    JROTC will be a great elective for many of our students! It’s challenging to offer a lot of variety in electives at a small school like ours, but hopefully we can continue to expand those offerings in the future.

    Music education played a huge role in my life as a student, and I wish more of our students had access to the performing arts.

    What are some other elective classes that students would like to take?