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Eek! Mice invade BRHS

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Look closely and you will see mice droppings inside one of the school’s copy machines.

During the past few weeks, there’s been an appearance of mice, dead and or alive in the classes, which were witnessed by many students, teachers and staff.

Sophomore history teacher Stephanie DeCicco describes her experience with mice during seventh period about two weeks ago. Only DeCicco and another teacher were in the room at the time so it was quiet. While working, DeCicco noticed a dark object move out of the corner of her eye. When she looked up, she saw a mouse running around the corner of her room. The two teachers raised their feet on their chair’s wheels in fright of the mouse.
Ms. DeCicco said mice are able to run about the building because the school was built on top of water and construction problems are aggravating their ecosystems.”
“I hate mice,’’ she exclaimed.

Evelyn Mendez, another teacher, adds that she believes mice are a “city issue.” “Every school has this issue,” she says.

Ms. Mendez and Ms. DeCicco both agree on the fact that one of the causes of mice infestation is the fact that students don’t trash their food properly, leave wrappers on the floor and spill sugary drinks, which attracts mice to take advantage of their only opportunity to get food. So, a solution would be to trash garbage and food properly.

“A great immediate solution would be to shut down the school for about two weeks and have an exterminator come and exterminate the whole building to get rid of rats,” suggested Ms. Mendez. Some difficulties in doing that would be the cost, which is most likely very high and the fact that the building is always being used by many.

As a fellow student who detests mice and all bugs in particular, I urge everyone to take every precaution to prevent additional mice from running around our school.

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Tahmina Marjan
Tahmina Marjan, Staff Writer
Tahmina Marjan, a sophomore in BRHS, loves cats and her favorite season is fall.

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  • M

    Mr. DiodatoApr 10, 2024 at 2:09 pm

    Some of our pest problems could be mitigated if folks would just properly dispose of their trash. Why shove trash into the small overflowing classroom trashbins when we have large trashcans in the hallway with plenty of room?

    The amount of muffin crumbs, fruit bits, and chunks of cheese I have to clean in my room on a regular basis is gross! Don’t even get me started on kids who try to use our classroom Chromebooks with Dorito fingers…