Henna event celebrates Eid al-Fitr

Marisa Rana applies henna tattoos tattoos during lunch. (Christopher Montanez)

While walking in the hallways during lunch, eager students stopped to get henna designs from other students during an event sponsored by the Student Council in late April.

Concepcion Pena, an advisor for the student council, said, “This is an annual event that was created by (senior) Nabiha Miah to show the beauty of her culture.”

Earlier this year, the students made the designs for free. This spring, the student council decided to charge for the art work: $1 to $5, depending on the design. The funds raised will go to the student artists.

Senior Nabiha Miah helped apply the henna tattoos  during lunch. “While doing the henna I felt a bit anxious because of how crowded the hallway was,” she said.  “Also I was nervous if the henna got on me or on others. But overall it was a successful day. Everyone was happy with their designs and henna colors.”

Henna tattoo designs are neat and detailed. (Christopher Montanez)

Junior Marisa Rana, who also helped, said doing the henna was fun.  “I was kind of nervous because what if they didn’t like their designs I did, but everyone was nice and patient.”

The event proved to be a success, based on the number of smiling students walking around with henna tattoos.

Plus, the event achieved its goals: To celebrate Eid al-Fitr and showcase student culture and talent.