Bronx River Teacher DRIP


Sanaaya Lopez

Ms. Brown’s fashions are always creative and fun.

Christi-Alexis Cisse, Staff Writer

The students at Bronx River have been able to find their styles and fashion sense while wearing Bronx River uniforms and expressing themselves on

Mr. Lucid always sports a cool look. (Sanaaya Lopez)

dress down days, but the teachers and staff are able to “dress down” and wear their personalities everyday to work.

Starr Giscombe, a science teacher, wears more laid-back and put-together outfits. She describes her fashion as, “comfortable, practical, and everyday wear.”

On the other hand Takeiyah Brown, an ELA teacher, wears lots of coordinated and matching outfits. She says her fashion is, “free spirited, bougie, urban, and professional.”

And finally we have Dennis Lucid, a social studies teacher, who likes to wear leather jackets and sunglasses, but also button-down shirts and ties to class. He describes his fashion in one word, “presentable.”

Ms. Giscombe sports a put-together casual look. (Sanaaya Lopez)