Students, staff share resolutions for 2023

The first of the year is often a time when people set new goals. Here’s a sampling of resolutions from staff and students at BRHS.

Amiee Cavazzi, art teacher:  “Make more of my own art”.

Christiana James, a senior: “Reduce the rate at which I get frustrated about a little faults or failure. Be more encouraged and have more self-time”.

Dylan Maloney, a Junior: “Lose weight”

Daniel Butler, ELA Teacher:  “Learn sudoku (the number game) because I heard of it and I hate math but it is actually easy and nice.”

Jemny Santana, 12 Grade Counselor:  “Lose 20 pounds and have more self-care.”

Jefferson Veliz: College Advisor:  “Get straight A’s in all my classes and also go to the gym 5 days a week to get into shape.”

Chris Montanez, a senior: “Try to eat breakfast more.”