Performances, awards highlight assembly

Decades Day adds to the fun


Jaden Milander

Staff perform an impromptu dance at Town Hall.

Bronx River Town Halls are always fun, and the Dec. 23 one proved to be the highlight for students before the holiday break. The day happened to fall on Decades Day, so many students and staff also dressed up in favorite styles from the 1950s to 2000s.

As always, Bronx River students like to show their talents by performing for Town Hall. This time, students enjoyed cheering for Bronx River favorite, Darnell Frances Mozon. As a Junior, Darnell has done many singing performances and likes to sing some of his favorite songs for the school.

Another Bronx River favorite is Alexandra Lee, who showcases her dance moves and is on the school dance team. This Town Hall she choreographed and performed a dance routine for Decades Day to share dance moves from previous decades.  Joseph Shinn, a teacher and dean, joined her performance, giving him a chance to show off his moves too.

Another singer at Bronx River, Lauraine Acosta, displayed her singing voice in Spanish accompanied by staff members who danced along. A freshman, Jamal Quinones, also displayed his talent by rapping along to verses in the Broadway musical Hamilton.

To the crowd’s surprise, the school had another singing performance, a duet by Bronx River’s principal Greg Fucheck and ELA teacher Evelyn Mendez, who revealed their strong vocals and harmonies while singing a holiday song.

Now on to the student winners of Bronx Rivers LOGIC Awards. For Love of Learning, these students enjoy taking in new information and increasing their knowledge. The winners are Marie Coatl-Camacho, Vanessa Flores, Jacob Figueroa and Donaisha Taylor.

For Mr.O’s Optimism, these students work hard to stay positive about their academics and school skills. The winners are Lathania Williams, Johnluis Feliz, Randy Amparo and Jayden Gutierrez.

For Grit, these students put in all their effort to reach their goals and excel. The winners are Mitila Purba, Yeimy DeLeon, Bryan Gomez Alvarado and Laura Batista.

For Intellectual Curiosity, these students are truly curious about what they learn and want to know more as they go on. The winners are Justin Arias, Justin Diaz, Issaka Kabore, and Niya Jackson.

Finally for Caring, these students take the time to show affection for their teachers and peers throughout the day. The winners are  Juceiys Paula, Mais Abdullah, Azzurede Strong, and Miguel Sevilla.

The student council introduced a new tradition that goes hand in hand with LOGIC Awards — the TEACH Awards. This new tradition, created by student council, gives the students the chance to appreciate and award their teachers for their amazing qualities.

TEACH stands for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Advocate, Caring and Helpful. The winners are Valerie Dolan for Thoughtful, Sabina Alkayfee for Enthusiastic, Ashley Rodriguez for Advocate, John Nelson for Caring, and Rich Himed for Helpful.

This Town Hall marks the school’s transition into the second half of the school year, starting in 2023.