Freshman amazes classmates with his Rubik’s Cube speed


Chris Montanez

Jamal Quinones hopes to match the national record for solving Rubik’s cube.


Jamal Quinones, a 9th grader at BRHS, can solve the Rubik’s cube in under a minute. To solve the puzzle, he must rotate the faces on the cube until each side is just one color. Some folks can’t solve the puzzle, no matter how much they try, which is what makes Jamal’s fast moves so impressive.

When did you first start doing the Rubik Cube? 

Three months ago.

 What sparked your interest? 

I saw others do it and I was like ‘’I wanna do that.”

What cube would you recommend for a beginner Cuber?

Moyu R53m 2020. It’s good because its a budget cube. It only cost $9.

What’s your fastest time?

33.1 seconds.

What’s your goal as a Cuber?


Chris Montanez

To hit the national cubing record.

The current 3x3x3 cube record is 3.47 Seconds, which is held by Chinese cuber, Yusheng Du.