Unmasked: NYC Schools let students, staff do what’s best for them


Donashia Taylor and Christiana James wear a half-mask.

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  • Mr. Lucid, the government teacher.

  • Mr. Nelson smiles outside his classroom.

  • Mr. Kodua and Mr. Gonzalez work sans the mask.

  • Michelle Tavarez, a freshman at BRHS, reveals her smile.

  • Kianni Adames plays it safe for now.,

  • Ms. Ram, the Global 9 teacher, is all smiles on Monday.

  • Kadeem Patterson plays in the hallway during lunch minus the mask.

Stories and photos by Adrianna Sadiku, Arleth Vargas and Katie Ordaz

For the first time in about two years, students and staff could walk the hallways and work in class without a mask on Monday, March 7. Some teachers and students opted to continue wearing the masks for now Рjust to be on the safe side. Others left them at a home. And some went back and forth  Рdepending on their mood and the situation.

Mr. Gonzalez, a math teacher at Bronx River High School, said “Not having a mask makes me remember about the times before the pandemic.”

He added, “I think most teachers in this school¬† like the idea of no longer wearing a mask as an option
Of course, we’ve got some kids and teachers in our school who still wore their masks just because of safety reasons or because they want to.”

Donashia Taylor, a junior, likes not having to wear a mask in school. “It’s cool. It’s like we are more free and like a breath of fresh air. I also see people in different ways and their beautiful faces. LOL.”