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Six Flags: A fun treat for those with good attendance

Jomayra Amparo
The rides at Six Flags proved scary and fun on a December outing celebrating good attendance at school.

Six Flags Great Adventure is a trip many students have been looking forward to since the first Town Hall this school year. This trip is for students with 90 percent plus attendance. There were only 150 spots, and over 200 eligible students, so the waitlist was long. As soon as students got home, they had their parents sign their permission slip. Waiting too long would leave them on the waitlist.
Six Flags Great Adventure has many beautiful, yet scary roller coasters. Some of the rides I went on were very scary. For instance, the Wonder Woman. This ride is basically a huge circle with people sitting on it, and you go in the air side to side. While this seems light, with each time it went in the air, it would go higher and higher until you were almost upside down. There were many screams of horror, and many smiles of enjoyment during the ride.
Another ride that many fear is the Joker. The Joker is a loopy ride where you, and one other person sit side by side in front of two other people and you go spinning round and round. This ride was pretty horrifying and scary; it was like your sneakers could fly off or you could hit your feet. The only sense of security you have is knowing you’re buckled and secure, otherwise you’re in complete horror going in multiple circles.

A similar ride to the Joker would be the Cyborg. In the Cyborg you’re put in a rectangle looking ride, and you’re spun in multiple directions. You go upside down, side by side, left and right, all sort of crazy directions you wouldn’t imagine putting yourself through. It feels scary because you’re so high up, and so close to the ride you feel like if you aren’t careful with your feet, you could hurt them.
The Nitro is probably the second most fearful ride in all of Six Flags. In the Nitro, you feel just barely secure with just something holding you down by your legs. You slowly go up to the very top, and drop down extremely fast. The speed of this ride sounds like thunder each time you drop. This drop takes your breath away, quite literally. It completely winds you, and leaves you in horror. If you’re on the edge, each turn leaves you feeling like you’re about to fly off. Even if you think all these turns, and high bumps are over, they’re not. They leave a weird feeling in your tummy.
The Batman was a very scary ride to experience for the first time. You are strapped on with your feet dangling, and you’re sent off. As soon as you’re sent off, you start traveling upwards. There are unexpected twists and turns you would have not guessed would occur. Although this ride is very short, it feels like complete torture, all in a good, fun, enjoyable way.
Harley Quinn is another fun ride. This ride isn’t too scary because it’s not so high up. This ride is, to substitute being low, extremely fast. Since the ride is so fast and short, they make you go two times. This ride was so popular, so waiting was such a hassle. It felt like I was waiting in line forever.
Somewhere along the way I got some food. I had a burger with fries and a milkshake and it was absolutely delicious. The burger was juicy, the fries were perfectly salty, and the milkshake was thick and flavorful. It was worth the wait in line.
All in all, there are many great rides offered in Six Flags Great Adventure. Although waiting in lines isn’t fun, it is part of the experience. If you did not go to Six Flags this year, make sure to go next time; you most definitely won’t regret it.

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