Economics gets real for deal-trading seniors


BRHS Photo

Seniors make trades in Mr. Lucid’s economics class.

Seniors made deals and spent money as they learned how to manage and deal with their transactions in their economics classes: Dennis Lucid, their teacher, gave them this assignment because he wanted to show them how competitive the market place is now a days and prepare students for the future.

“The main reason I gave out this assignment is because  I wanted to show the marketplace and how competitive it is,” said Mr. Lucid.  “I also wanted my students to compete against each other.”

How did he come up with the idea?   “When I was a student teacher, someone showed me the game and I stole it.”

Seniors seemed to enjoy the experience. “I found that this was a learning experience to show the meaning of making money,” said one senior after class.

Better yet, seniors may get a chance to compete again. “This is something I would do again,” said Mr. Lucid.