Heard in the hallway: What time should school start and why?


Elvia Serrano

Students line up for the first day of school.

September 8th and everyone’s back to school. Whether excited or not, kids are coming in early and are still late to class. 

The Lehman campus is under construction so the terrace is half blocked so kids have to squish in together on a slow line. Plus the line gets very long after 8 a.m., so many kids who live far away from campus can’t get there on time. Because of this situation  we asked BRHS students what time they think school should start. And to our surprise, many said school should start as early as around 7 to 8 a.m.

Jaden Rodriguez, a senior, said. “I believe school should start at 7:30 am because it allows for students to avoid a long line and get out of school at 2 p.m.”

And this actually makes sense because it’s a win win for both the teachers and students. Kids don’t come late to school and students get to leave at a decent time. Christiana James, a senior, has also stated that we should start school at “8:30 a.m. because for me, my bus mostly gets to the school at 8 am and the line to get in is so long.”

She has a very valid reason even though it’s a personal reason. Although many seniors think we would benefit from school by starting early, some, especially the lower grades, say otherwise. 

Alexandra Lee, a junior, believes school should start at “11:30-12 p.m. because waking up early doesn’t give me enough time to prepare.”

Kids aren’t really mentally and physically prepared in the morning. And to get up and rush to school doesn’t give them enough time to be aware of their surroundings and that could be dangerous.

Freshmen Natalia Mann and Angelina Torres believe school should start around 8:30-9 a.m. because sometimes the buses and transportation get delayed and our brain aren’t working at that time.