Advice for class of 2022

Ms. White gives guidance

Ms. White has worked with the senior class for four years.

Student Staff Photo

Ms. White has worked with the senior class for four years.

Seniors want to know what this year has in store for them and who better to talk to than Ms. White, the senior guidance counselor who has worked with the class of 2022 for four years.

Because of Covid-19, this senior year holds a lot of confusion and doubts because activities, such as prom and senior trips, aren’t guaranteed.

  But one thing is certain: Ms. White is proud of the senior class.  “You guys are smart, young adults that are very hardworking, she said. ” When you all first came to Bronx River, you were youngsters straight out of middle school and now everyone is so grown up. Now everyone is leaving the nest and moving on to adult life.”

When asked what the year would look like, she provided a candid but hopeful answer.
“Everything is still up in the air and not everything is set in stone,” she said. ” This is because of Covid but one thing for sure is we will try to make it the best. Now with a pandemic still going, we still have to be careful and it’s sometimes a challenge to find things that can include everyone in a safe way, but we are doing an amazing job. Students are getting their work done and having fun too. We will stay positive and keep looking forward.”

Ms. White also talked about the hopes and challenges this year’s seniors will face. “Challenges will be a thing that will be common throughout this year and that is because of what is going on around the whole world, but we will work to overcome any obstacles and make this year the best for all of our seniors because this is the last year of high school for you all. We will try our best to make this year as “normal” and amazing and memorable as possible.”