Seniors visit Monroe College


File photo

Seniors listen to a presentation about Monroe College.

Seniors got a taste of college life when they visited Monroe College’s campuses in New Rochelle and Kingsbridge in the Bronx on Nov. 9. At New Rochelle, students visited the gym, which excited Aniya LaForest and Jannah Lambert. Both students say they are now thinking about applying there.

The tour also included visits to several buildings, including dorms. The dorms, which included rooms for 4 people, made people think about their preferences. Some students said they’d prefer rooms with just two people. Others like Faith Colon didn’t mind the idea of sharing space with four people because the area is very spacious.   Faith, who was impressed by the community, is now thinking about applying there.
The college food, however, didn’t impress most seniors.  The school gave each student a box that
included a sandwich, an orange, an oatmeal cookies and a water bottle. After taking a few bites. senior Ariel Escoffrey complained that the lunch tasted like “hospital food.”

The next stop on the tour took students to the Monroe building in Kingsbridge, where students got to visit a Criminal Justice class and see where the students hang out.

It was an exciting tour and it’ll be great to see what awaits students who end up attending Monroe.