Mr. Lucid’s Colorful Wall

Students work together to create graphic design


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Step by step, students worked with Mr. Lucid to create a geometric pattern in his classroom.

Mr. Lucid and a group of dedicated students have created a colorful spectacle for students and teachers alike to look at when inside his classroom. Mr. Lucid, the 12th-grade Government and Economics teacher, always had the idea to try and decorate his classroom wall but was not sure  how to do it.

He said he wanted to create something abstract and “to make people think when looking at it,” trying to inspire creativity and give the classroom more personality. He also wanted to create something dedicated to the teacher who worked in the room before him.

During the COVID-19 mandated-quarantine,  Mr. Lucid happened across a video of a wall painting while surfing through the viral app Tik Tok. After doing some research, he found out that it was called a “Geometric Accent Wall.” 

Mr. Lucid soon had a plan:  Paint the wall white, add tape to separate the different parts of the wall and then paint the sections different colors. The colors he chose were mainly inspired by the Bronx River High School colors and some other colors to make the wall more colorful.

On September 22,  with the help of  Angel Escobar, Brandon Garcia and many other students,  Mr. Lucid managed to color the wall and remove the tape all in one day. 

 Mr. Lucid says he he found the experience was fulfilling and is proud of the outcome.

Seniors also are pleased with the outcome. Victor Cid, a student in Mr. Lucid’s advisory, likes the colors and thinks the wall looks great.  Angel Escobar Parra said he had fun though the whole process and loves how the wall turned out.  Another senior added, “I think the word creativity comes to mind when I look at the wall.”