Construction Project: Why it’s happening and its impact on the school


Abdlrhman Alayah

Scaffolding hides much of the exterior of the Lehman Campus building.

Since the start of school, we have all noticed the great amount of scaffolding that is currently posted up around the building. Principal Greg Fucheck provided details about the ongoing construction: The purpose of the current construction is to replace all the windows so they meet the required standards and to repaint the outside of the building. The total cost of the construction is unknown for it is being funded by the School Construction Authority,  but the current price range is somewhere in the 1 million dollar range. The project was originally scheduled to be completed over the summer, but because of the ongoing COVID pandemic and influx of workers calling out sick, the completion time has been delayed.

The main effect that this construction has is the emergency exit routes have changed: Until the construction is over, everybody at BRHS will go down one staircase, Mr. Fucheck explained.

And of course, on top of that, there’s the unappealing look of the building. 

 Just to clear things up, the construction is NOT the reason why the line is so long during the morning at the main entrance to the school. On this matter. Mr. Fucheck emphatically says, “The back-up at the main is students typing in their ID number instead of swiping their card.”