My Broadway Trip and “Skeleton Crew” experience

BRHS takes stage at theater workshop


Students and chaperones pose outside the theater before the show.

Sharlese Edwards and John Melendez mimic workers.

On Saturday, February 12, we went to Times Square to see a Broadway play, “Skeleton Crew,” which I recommend because it’

s very good acting and a great story that people can relate to.

Juniors Jocellyn Velez and Laura Batista, Freshman Gabriel Gallardo, Sophomore Blas Leon Lucio and Seniors John Melendez, Sharlese Edwards and I met up with our chaperones at the entrance to the school. We then took the train to Times Square and walked to the Creative Center where Broadway actors practice their parts before going on stage. Only this time, we got to learn how to write and act with the support of professional actors. Eve

Bryan Garcia performs the skit he wrote.

ryone, even the chaperones – Mr. Ollivierre, Ms. Porterfield and Ms. Santana – are expected to take part in workshop.  With the actors leading the way, we tried posing as different workers, wrote scenes and even acted the scenes out. Or if we were a little nervous, the professional actors  read our lines.
We shared the workshop space with students and teachers from another school and BRHS stole the show. I totally killed it with my own character and natural acting skills, so you can tell that I was the star of the class.

After the workshop, we ate at a Chick-fil-A and then we walked to see

Jocellyn Velez acts out the script she wrote. (File photo)

the play at the Manhattan Theatre Club. I  don’t want to spoil the play because it’s that good, so I just want to say it was very catchy, great characters and the actors know how the story works and they nailed it.

In conclusion, I was not sure about this trip at first. I didn’t know if it would go well or bad but I decided to take a chance and give it try. And I’m glad I did: It was a great experience and one I will always remember.

Gabriel Gallardo and Mr. Ollivierre make the motions of workers doing repetitive tasks. (File photos)