Seniors reach their biggest milestone

Class of 2023 almost ready to bid farewell


Aliyah Ali

Senior Adriana Sadiku will miss her friends from high school but is looking forward to starting college.

Bronx River High School’s class of 2023 has now entered its last month of high school. This is the time for seniors to enjoy all the senior events and soak up as much time and memories as they can before they graduate and move on with their lives. Some are going off to college and some are pursuing other kinds of post-secondary education. Some will be residing at a far distance and some will stay put in the city and will be commuting between college and home. Either way, we will be be sharing our farewells with each other. But for the time we have left, let’s see what some seniors have planned for themselves for this upcoming year. 

Adriana Sadiku plans to attend Monroe College in the upcoming fall semester to major in business administration and management. Adriana  feels relieved about graduating high school because “the weight of the work is lifted” off of her shoulders. She will definitely miss her time in high school and most of all, all the chaos that would occur and being with her friends and favorite teachers. “I’ve enjoyed the memories this school has left in my heart,” she said. “Sadly this is the end but it’s a new beginning.” 

 In the fall, Harold Garcia will be attending SUNY Oneonta and wants to study psychology and is hoping to double major in sports management. Harold, who is passionate about these two career paths, said, “I decided to study it because a lot of athletes need psychological help” and “mental health should always be important.” Not only that but his passion for this study became stronger as a family member struggled with mental health.

Harold looks forward to being independent as he gets accustomed to the college life. He says he is nervous but assures himself he will “get the hang of it”

As for his high school career, Harold will mostly miss the environment and people. “For four years, I always went to school to enjoy the company of my friends and get the real experience but I will miss it, knowing that we all will go our separate ways and probably not see each other in years. It’s heartbreaking but I will miss the people and memories. It was fun and great while it lasted.”

Lastly, we have Tasnim Islam, who will be enrolling in the City College of New York this fall and wants to earn her Bachelor’s degree in computer science and she is confident in this college because it has so many majors that fascinate her and, in her eyes, ideal for what she is studying.

Tasnim is nervous about college because “it is nothing like high school” but hopes to “make the best out of it.”

When it comes to graduating high school, Tasnim  says “I feel overwhelmed about graduating high school because I shared so many good memories with the friends I made four years ago, and with the teachers who constantly made sure I was doing well like a parent. And I am not ready to let that go yet.” 

The time has quickly come for seniors to successfully pave their way out of high school and into the real world. Bronx River High School was an environment in which many seniors adapted to and grew close to over their four years. Where they built a community and created positive energy and closeness within their peers and teachers. Seniors may not be ready to say goodbye yet and are feeling bittersweet, but they have so much going for them in the future. As they graduate, they will continue to construct a great life for themselves. 

It’s time to say farewell and best wishes to all of us in the time ahead!