Artist of the Month: Dylan Palacios

Dylan demonstrates exceptional use of color


Dylan Palacios was selected as Artist of the Month based on the strength of his colorful Zine.

Dylan Palacios was chosen as Artist of the Month by Aimee Cavazzi, the school’s art teacher. “His use of color was exceptional,” she explained. ” His concept was unique and original, and most of all very poetic. On top of that, the drawing skills were on point.”

Dylan, a junior, shares his thoughts on art below:

How long have you been creating art?  This year. I did art class in middle school. I did a year of art in middle school, and a year of art in this school, so two years separately.

What inspires you to create art? Nothing, really. Art is not really something that I do on a daily basis; it was something I had to do from school, and blending colors is something I’m just really good at.

Are there any artists from the past or present who inspire you?  No, I don’t really look into art that much.

How does creating art make you feel?  Like when you get away from reality, something to take away your time. Something that takes up most of your time, like a hobby, but something I had to do for school, but it’s a good hobby though.

When it comes to art, what is your preferred tool? I like colored pencils. I feel like it’s not a crazy hard tool to find, you can buy one at the dollar store for cheap and do your own stuff.

Did you learn how to draw? Or did you always know how? Average I guess. I don’t really see myself as a big artist or perfect artist. I see it as really average.”

What is something you see other artists do that you dislike? When they are splashing the paint and making regular stuff, they call it “art. I think it’s art, but it’s not “mindful art,  like anybody can do that.

Below are pages from the Zine he created for class.