Heard in the hallway: How can school be fun?


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Students say more trips, such as this community service trip, would make school more enjoyable.

Students get tired most of the time because of long hours of learning and testing . Sometimes it is fun to introduce some fun activities into studying that are in the interest of the students.It has great benefits to both the teacher and the students.

A great way to give students meaningful opportunities to apply their learning and lower their effective filter is to make learning fun. Not every student is dedicated to learning 24/7 and sometimes it is due to the environment in which they live. A kid who lives with a lot of families and families will most likely be hyped every time in class because they are active and used to having fun with others. While a kid who lives with only parents and in some situations are the only kids are likely to be more calmer and not used to crowds. Everyone has a unique way of making school fun.  When teachers use activities that make learning engaging and fun, students are more willing to participate and take risks. Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable. 

I went around asking random students and staff, one way the school could be fun and I got a lot of responses. The most common one being more school trips.


Christi-Alexis Cisse 11th Grade More competitive class games
Donashia Taylor 12th Grade Have our phones in our possession 
Sayuri Calderon 11th Grade More trips and Dance
Sara Singh 12th Grade Have more trips and senior activities
Rinaldo Castillo 11th Grade One way to make school fun is more trips
Monique Paes Teacher Have more electives, music classes and other non-traditional classes.
John Nelson Teacher As a teacher, it will be cool to see more classes that teach practical life skills-cooking,music etc.
Jefferson Veliz College advisor Have group discussion sessions