Bronx River student wins 2nd place in Spring Explorers Competition

Senior and explorer, Anjay Foncesca, takes part in Explorer victory


BRHS Photo

Anjay Foncesca won second place in hostage negotiation at the Explorers Spring Convention in May.

A Bronx River student by the name of Anjay Foncesca attended the annual Explorers Spring Competition on the first floor of Lehman Campus. The Explorers Spring Competition is an annual program that teaches about the law enforcement to individuals from ages 14 to 20. This program is more informative to those who are aiming to pursue a career in the law enforcement and fields of that sort. In it, they are taught the importance of things such as higher education, discipline for oneself and the respect for diversity.

In the competition, Anjay won second place in the hostage negotiations. “I just felt accomplished,” says Anjay, when asked how he felt when he won second place.