Illustration by Ashley Rodriguez

Women’s Rights

In art class, we made amazing art pieces inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat. In my art piece, I portrayed the social issue of Rape, Sex Trafficking, and a woman’s right to her own body. The symbols I utilized in my artwork were a handprint, a price tag, a barcode, and a woman’s body. The three words that I used in my work to convey my message were “help”, “body”, and “ choice”. Finally, the colors that I used to express my message were blue, red, and different skin tones. Each one of these colors represents different things. The blue represents the woman’s aura ( sad, depressed, a loss of hope), the red shows her anger and rage, and the different skin colors show that all of these issues, unfortunately, can happen and do happen to anyone. In conclusion, I was happy with my final outcome because it portrays a strong message that many people don’t speak about.

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