Illustration by Emily Holguin

The Tree of Life & My Future

In art class, we made self-portraits inspired by the artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. The social issue that I portrayed in my artwork were issues that people may have experienced in the past three years. I wanted to do my artwork based on this because I wanted to voice the social issues that society faced in their daily life. I also used specific personal symbols throughout my project. For example, I used leaves to represent life and social problems in society.  Three main words that stand out to me in my project were Covid, quarantine, and racism. These three words represent what I have experienced in life & what has changed me mentally and physically in good & bad ways. I’ve learned a lot and grown by going through these challenges & experiences in my life. I used three main colors as well to stand out in my project which were green to represent money and orange and yellow to represent the sunset and love and lastly, I used blue to describe the peace and the good days. In conclusion, I was happy to be able to express my feelings and share out personal things in my life and put it all together into an art project. I really enjoyed the time doing it.

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