Students, staff share Valentine’s Day shout-outs

February is known as the month of love where people show appreciation and love to each other in different ways, such as sharing sweets, letters, flowers and other adorable treats. This year, Bronx River is letting  staff and students express their love with shout-outs in the newspaper. Read what others shared. And if you are inspired, you can add a Valentine Day shout-out to a favorite classmate or staff member in the comment section blow. B sure to use full names so we can publish your good wishes.

Daniel Butler (English Teacher) to Jefferson Veliz (College Advisor): 

“Shout out to Mr Veliz for helping Seniors understand the college process; 90% of the students applied to college and the other 10% are deciding on other options.”

Donashia Taylor (Senior) to Christiana James (Senior)

“You have been the greatest best friend I could ask for; you have helped me through hard times and we had the best times together even though I could be annoying. I am your best friend for LIFE and I am here to always annoy you”.

Donashia Taylor ( Senior) to  Ms. Rodriguez (Math Teacher)

“You have been a great asset to me this year and I am glad to have you as my teacher. I will be loud when I see you and will always remember you”.

Christiana James  (Senior) to Dylan Maloney (Junior)

“I love your morning announcement and your character. You always have a great energy and use that energy to lift that of others and it’s been great working with you in PGC and I adore your microphone”.

Laila Algazaly (Senior) to Ms. Talty (math teacher)

“Thank you for being an amazing advisory teacher and a friend that I would wish to have every single day in my life over and over again. These past years, you have made me grow to learn a lot. You are the best person I have encountered and the first to become close to. Thank you for being that person.”

Laila Algazaly (Senior) to Ms. Dolan (Teacher)

“Thank you for being there for all of us and supporting us while guiding us. You are a great teacher with a great soul who is always with a positive attitude, creating a positive day”.

Christiana James (Senior) to Donashia Taylor ( Senior)

“You are one of the closest friends I have in Bronx River and I am really grateful to have you even though you can be annoying at times. This is a bestie shoutout to you.”

Christiana James (Senior) to Laila Algazaly (Senior)

“ I will always adore our little debates and fights. I will always compete with you to the end but will never dream of losing you in that fight.”

Elvia’s dog deserves hugs and kisses on Valentine’s Day. (Elvia Serrano)

Elvia Serrrano (Senior) to  Big Body Lupo (my dog)

“You a king.”

Christiana James (Senior) to Nabiha Miah (Senior)

“I am blessed to have a friend like you. So motivated and caring even though you do not really care about friends’ feelings (just kidding) but I am so grateful to have met you.”