Artist of the Month: Supreme Forman


BRHS Photo

Supreme Forman has an eye for art and fashion.

Supreme Forman has been selected the Artist of the Month because of his creative visualization and creative usage of the tools at his disposal.

What caused your passion for art?

“When I was younger, my father would draw little drawings and stuff and I would try to mimic the drawings he did and I found out that I can do art myself.”

What is your favorite genre of art?

“Abstract Art.”

How long have you been creating art?

Since I was eight or seven.”

When it comes to art, what is your preferred tool?

“Pencil and a shading tool.”

Are there any artists from the past or present that inspire you?

“I wouldn’t say any famous artists, but people in my family do art like my father and sister, and they inspire me.”

What would you say is your general skill range? 

“I would say drawing faces or people.”

Is there anything you have trouble with in the world of art?

“I would say the shading on some portraits; it’s hard to do on some of them.”

What is something that you see that other artists do that you dislike?

“Artists that make artwork that’s all over the place; it doesn’t make sense from a first view until you get the understanding of it.”

Are you considering pursuing art as a career? Or would you rather prefer doing this as a hobby? 

“I would prefer it as a hobby, but I feel like if I went down the path of an artist, I could.”

Is there anything that would deter you from your passion for art? 

“No, not really.”

What do you think are the downsides to being an artist?

“I would say finishing in a certain time limit.”

Have there ever been times you’ve thought about giving up on art? If you did, what did you do to get rid of these thoughts?

“I wouldn’t say I’ve ever really given up on art. Its always been fun to do.”