Tenth graders share holiday cheer

Just in time for the holidays, several 10th graders in Kelli Maass’ reading class worked their names into poems that celebrate this time of year.

Favorite Time of Year

By Priscilla Pol

Priscilla’s favorite time of year is near

Holiday season is the best time of year

The season of giving

A bunch of Christmas cheer

As snow starts to fall and stic

The kids get happy

Because winter is finally here.


The Morning of Christmas

By Jahayme Lamar

It’s Cold as ice.

Icicles fall from above

I could faintly hear my name

being called, “Jahayme”


Name Game

By Fahima Akter

Roses are red

winter is the best.

Sky is blue

everyone catch flu

Fahima is my name

I like winter game.