Students visit Police Academy in College Point


BRHS Photo

Students get a chance to take a ride in a “police car” at the police academy in College Point.

Seniors have started exploring careers to figure out their college majors and life decisions. Some students who take forensics got the chance check out one intriguing option: The New York Police Department (NYPD).

During a tour, students saw recreated scenes, such as a subway, a police car, a neighborhood, bank and supermarket.  These staged set-ups help train recruits before they are given the right to go into the real world, explained the tour’s guide, Sgt. Kunst. 

Students in Ms. Norton’s Forensics class got a chance to tour the Police Academy. (BRHS Photo)

During the tour, two students got to take part in such a scenario:  They pretended to be police officers approaching a house, where someone had called to report a case.  

Sgt. Kunst, who has been on the force 16 years and has 4 more years to retirement, had us look around the expansive police academy building. She then asked the students how much they thought the building cost: Guesses turned out to be low: The building cost almost 1 billion dollars. And one tree used in a scene cost $300,000.

 Students learned that there is a unit in the NYPD for most every passion, including beekeeping, cybersecurity and graphic design. And for those interested in a law career, the NYPD will cover the cost for your law school education.

During the tour, students saw the pool where recruits train. Although they don’t have to be strong swimmers, recruits must be able to get themselves and others out of the water.  During training, recruits must  run 12 laps around the gym within a certain amount of time. They are also required to jump over a 6 foot wall and have the strength to pull away a 180 pound dead/unconscious body. 

Trista Norton, the science teacher who organized the trip, enjoyed the tour.  “I especially loved watching those who want to go to the academy one day look around and ask questions. That made it totally worth it to me.”

Nabiha Miah added, “It was fun.” “I didn’t know their classes were called companies; that was something new that I learned. I also found the staged scenarios fascinating.”

“I had an amazing experience there,” said Laila Algazaly.  “It was so cool getting to see what’s inside a police academy and how its system works.”