Student council helps improve school


Christopher Montanez

The student council discusses plans for the year.

Harold Garcia is Student Council President at Bronx River High School for the year 2022-2023 and has good ideas to make this school so much greater. He feels that being president is something new and challenging for him because he had taken up a new important role in the school.

Harold Garcia, the student council president, has big plans for the year. (Photograph by Christopher Montanez)

When asked to compare this year to last year, he said, “I had a different amount of power than the executive board had last year but now since I’m president, I can show off my ideas to our school and see what I can improve from last year.”

One of his ideas is to find a way to get new incoming students to get into extracurricular activities and to build a community in our school.

He’s proud of his accomplishments so far. “I have made a much stronger student council board because more students have decided to join ever since I became president,” he said. “Since the beginning of the school year, we have brought a variety of snacks, including ice cream.”

Another new program from the Student Council members was the cupcake drive. Teachers and students brought in goods from a store or homemade goods and when the day came, everyone was hard at work and many students bought so many treats, raising more than $300 for a holiday toy drive.

Laverne Coleman, one of the Student Council Advisors, named some of this year’s achievements: an expanded executive board,  more students taking role seriously and plans to implement changes in the school. For example, the Student Council members will start honoring awards for teachers as well as students at school’s Town Hall assemblies. The group also has donated money raised at the snack store to local charities and they have listened to the voices of the school population and managed them well.

Overall, the Student Council board and its members have greatly contributed to Bronx River High School and the students seem satisfied with what they have done so far.