News 12 interviews student journalists


Elliot Lima

Students work on story ideas as News 12 records the conversations.

New 12 paid a visit to the BRHS and interviewed the Bronx River news staff  on Nov. 30. Shniece Archer of News 12 recorded the students as they brainstormed story ideas and talked to them

Junior Christi-Alexis Cissee spoke to News 12 about reporting and writing for the school newspaper. (Elliot Lima)

about how the the newspaper is giving students a voice in the community.

Sara Singh, the editor-in-chief, described the experience as “nerve-racking because there was a big camera in front of my face. I didn’t have any my answers planned so I had to come up with them on the spot.”

The reporter also interviewed Elvia Serrano, a senior who attended a national journalism conference, and Elliot Lima, a freshman who joined the staff in the fall. Other students who appeared in the broadcast include James King, Kadeem Patterson, Chris Montanez, Gabe Ulbano and Christi-Alexis Cissee.

“I was proud of how the news staff rose to the occasion,” said Deborah Porterfield, the newspaper’s advisor. “They represented our newspaper and school well.”

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