Jemny Santana: The Guide of 2023


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Ms. Santana started working with the senior class when they were freshmen.

Editor’s Note: On November 17th, an interview was done by Gabriel Ulbano and James King, featuring Class of 2023’s guidance counselor, Jemny Santana. Our lovely and motherly guidance counselor was more than happy to share her thoughts.

Did you have any jobs prior to being a guidance counselor?
“Yes. I worked as a salesperson in a wholesale clothing store.”

What made you decide to become a guidance counselor? 
“Working as an assistant teacher, I felt a need to help out students more and reflecting on that, I decided to become a counselor.”

How long have you been working as a guidance counselor?
“Eleven years.”

What made you choose to become a guidance counselor at Bronx River?
“I looked at Bronx River because 1: It’s close to home, and 2: The data for the school looked very good.”

Would you change at any school given the opportunity?  
“Not at the moment, no.”

Do you think a guidance counselor is a harder job than a teacher? 
“Although I  feel that both jobs are definitely challenging with both having different needs, being a counselor, you have interactions with students on a more personal level when it comes to the school community and their family.”

Whats the hardest part of being a guidance counselor? 
“When my students don’t graduate, when we don’t accomplish our goals, like graduating on time. When it comes to me putting effort into a student and what I am doing isn’t helping as much as I would want is stressful. Also, not having the power to help every student when it comes to their specific problems.”

Do you enjoy being a guidance counselor? 
“Yes, I do. I love what I do.”

For anyone aspiring to be a guidance counselor such as yourself, what is one piece of advice you would give them? 
“Have patience and take some time for self-care.”