BRHS Spirit Fridays are back


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Pajama Day gives students and staff a chance to put on comfy clothes.

Bronx River has decided to bring back Spirit Fridays, hosted by the Student Council. Starting December 2, the first event of Spirit Fridays will be Pajama Day, where students can come into school dressed in their pajamas. Then on December 9, it will be Twin Day, where students will grab a friend and dress up in the same exact clothing, from head to toe. Then on December 16, it will be Color Day, where students, depending on their grade,  will dress up in a different color. Freshmen will wear yellow, Sophomores will wear  purple, juniors will wear gray, and Seniors will wear pink. The staff, of course ,will be joining in on this , too, by wearing green. Then lastly, on December 23, it will be Decades Day, where students will dress in clothing that was popular from the 50s all the way to the 90s.