Artist of the month: Randy Amparo

Randy wants a career that involves art, creativity


Photo provided by BRHS Staff.

Randy works on a project in art class.

Randy Amparo, A junior at BRHS, has been selected to be artist of the month by art teacher Aimee Cavazzi. Ms. Cavazzi’s opinion on Randy is that his drawing skills and creativity are exceptional, and that he takes every project to the next level.

What made you get into art?

My older cousin was a good artist, so I would see his art and I wanted to do something like that.

An example of Randy’s artwork.

Do you have any big dreams involving art?

I don’t know. I do know that I want a career involving art or creativity.

What piece of art that you’ve done, do you like the most?

This one drawing I did, I call it Dragon Drawing.

Do you only like drawing? What about painting?

I want to paint but I really need to get better at it first.

What’s your favorite type of art style?