Halloween fiction: The lonely Ferris wheel


The carnival came to town every summer, and this year was no different. But Charlie had just started working there, so he didn’t know what the rest of the workers knew about the Ferris wheel he was in charge of operating. The first night of the carnival was bustling with people, but as it came time to close, it was practically a ghost town. However, there was one boy who showed up at the last minute. “One for the Ferris wheel, please,” the boy said, giving Charlie a ticket.

Charlie looked around. “Where are your parents?” he asked the little boy. The boy just took his seat and didn’t answer. Unsure of what to do, he let the boy go on the ride. But when the ride was over, the boy was no longer in his seat.

Charlie ran to his boss to tell him the story. The boss casually said, “Oh, that’s Thomas.” He handed Charlie a clipping from an old newspaper. It had the boy’s picture and the headline: “Boy Falls from Ferris Wheel, Eight Years Old.” 

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