“Cult of the Lamb”: Worth the price and the time

I am generally a fan of roguelites. Whether it be fair, but unforgiving rogue-lites like “Dead Cells,” “RNG Heavy,” but still generally enjoyable ones like “Enter The Gungeon,” they’re still some of my favorite rogue-lites, and some of my favorite games ever. A very cutesy, yet brutal game costing $24.99 in the United States, developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital is “Cult of the Lamb.” 

“Cult of The Lamb” is a game where you take the role of The Lamb, the last of your kind; after being briefly executed, you are suddenly brought back to life by an old god called “The One Who Waits,”,who brings a mission to you as compensation for your revival: To create a cult in his name and kill The Bishops of the Old Faith, the main antagonists of the game, who keep him chained down in an unknown location. Wh x` ilst I haven’t completed the game myself, I can definitely confirm that it is a lot of fun. 


But first, let’s talk about one of the two core gameplay components of the game: The Cult. The game functions in two parts at its core, managing your cult and venturing out on your quest to destroy the Bishops. The cult management I find myself spending more time in than my quest to slay literal gods. It’s just so..so fun. From gathering resources to hosting sermons, conducting the many rituals that can affect your followers greatly, or the ability to create a follower based on someone you don’t like, only to then feed them literal fecal matter until they drop dead, and so much more. It’s a system like none other, honestly. 

Then comes the next core component of the game: the runs. When it comes to rogue-lites, as I’m sure anyone knows, each run will always be different, and it’s no exception to this game. The options for the needlessly, yet simple violence never gets old. Whether it be cleaving your enemies two with axes or swords, ripping them to shreds with literal claws, shooting waves of tentacles from your body, any combination will always be deadly in the right hands, and it never, EVER gets old. 

Overall, Cult of the Lamb is a short yet sweet masterpiece of a roguelite, and is an absolute must if you’re trying out roguelites for the first time. It’s completely worth the price.