Art project honors Kobe Bryant and his daughter

Students finish project that was started before Covid shut the schools.


Staff photo

Janneliss Lopez, Josepheus Toledo and Naya Jackson helped complete this project.

Teamwork played a key role in art class this year. “This art piece was started pre-lockdown right after Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died,” explained Ms. Cavazzi, the art teacher.  A group of four Bronx River volunteers finished it despite my students from 2019 never seeing it to completion. I’m happy that this beautiful artwork could be a tribute to the beautiful pair.”

Janneliss Lopez, Josepheus Toledo. Naya Jackson and Emily Rivera completed the work right before the February break.

Ms. Cavazzi is impressed with the students talents. “It is inspiring,” she said. “They are capable for more than they say they do.”