Students learn about ecosystem at Pelham Bay Park


File photo

Students and chaperones enjoy a day at Pelham Bay Park.

Ms. Norton, Mr. Himed and Mr. Montero took 9th and 10th grade students to Pelham Bay Park to participate in an Urban Park Ranger programĀ  on April 5. They saw an osprey on a tree, mussels on the beach and the oldest tree in the park. They also learned that Pelham Bay Park is the biggest park property in New York City: It’s three times the size of Central Park in Manhattan.

Ms. Norton, a science teacher, said the outing gave the students a chance to learn more about the ecosystem and enjoy the outdoors

“Anytime spent outside in nature is my favorite time,” she said, “but getting to spend time with my students and watching them enjoy nature was pretty cool.”

Darnell Francis Mozon, a 10th grader, said he saw a lot of living things, including bugs, a horse, grass and even a raccoon. “I love it because I got to see nature.”