From nervous freshman to seniors ready to take on the world

Class of 2022 reflects on how they’ve changed


Self-portrait by Lidia Gomez


Parmeshwar Singh

The day was September 5th, 2018, I had just woken up that day and I was not ready at all for my first day of school. I was still in my vacation mode and I really did not feel like going to school that day much like anyone else after they came back from vacation. When I finally got to school that morning, I already had a bad mindset about how my entire day was going to go, I did not want to talk to anybody. Then as the day went on, I started to change my mindset a little bit. I started talking to new people, meeting new teachers, and started loosening up a little bit more because at the time I had a long way to go.

My first day as a senior was a whole different story. The day was September 13th, 2021. I finally walked to school in person for the first time in two years and everything felt extremely weird. It honestly felt like I was starting as a freshman again but not at the same time because I know in my head that I’m a senior. I’ve really changed from when I was a freshman because I am no longer nervous to do anything, Nor do I care what people think of me because it is not my first year anymore. I’ve seen how things are so they have no impact on my self esteem. I have also learned that I can accomplish way more than I think I can if I just apply myself, even though I can be lazy at times.

My friends also really helped me throughout my entire high school year. They have given me the best memories, improved how I look at things, and also made my life happier than it already was before. I can’t imagine how it will feel on graduation day; honestly as much as I want to go to college and pursue my dreams of whatever job I have in the future, I really don’t want to leave high school because this has brought me some of the best memories I have ever had. From my friends, to the school field trips to the school-wide events we’ve had in general, it’s all just been an amazing four years so far. I guess once I actually walk across the stage I will feel the strong feeling of accomplishment, perseverance, and also kind of like I’ve achieved my goal in graduating high school, and seeing my friends and family will just make it better because they would also know that I really tried throughout these four years to get where I am.

   Lidia Gomez, Art Editor

       Having the high school experience was better than I thought. Looking back at middle school, they taught us high school was on another level and everything would be more difficult.

Self-portrait by Lidia Gomez

And while I agree there are some times high school beat me up, it never became so difficult that I couldn’t handle it. I thought there wasn’t a chance that I would survive in high school and that having friends would be impossible. Parting from middle school to an unknown environment was hard and parting from friends knowing that the relationship would probably end was harder. I’m thankful to my friends who stuck with me through the years, even though I may not react or talk much but that’s just how I am.

       I’ve learned that I may be more intelligent than I thought. For example when I signed up for the computer science AP class, I thought it was a mistake but no matter how difficult it was when I did the projects right it made me feel proud of myself. I also really tried to improve my grades after Covid because during Covid my school life went downhill. This year I feel better about my achievements and will strive to learn more.

I won’t ever forget my high school years since it taught me so much. I’m very anxious to go into the next part of my life, I’m also unsure of what I want to do as well. But I know high school prepared me for this and I will do just fine. I can’t wait to walk on the stage, grab my diploma I’ve worked 4 years for and head to the next chapter. 

Oscar Diaz Cuadra, Staff Writer

My first ever day in high school wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; surprisingly advisory proved to be super helpful in finding friends. I met five friends that very first day and we

 stuck in close through the entire class. We were all so young and excited about high school and we all acted so immaturely.

My first day as a senior wasn’t what I expected it to be. The quarantine ruined the excitement of working to get to Senior Year: Half of our scholar years were taken’ one moment we were

freshmen, and the other we were seniors. My friends were excited to see me back because I was supposed to be at another school. I had already transferred and was attending a school in New Jersey but four days after both schools had started, I decided to transfer back to finish my senior year with the people I had grown with.

The proudness of being a senior didn’t come that day but it did come a few weeks after. For my graduation day, I will feel  nervous and anxious but glad that it’s over and that I made it. I will feel proud of myself knowing my family is proud of me too and that better is yet to come in college,

I’ve changed so much since my first year. Now I see stuff differently. I’m more concerned and serious about things and think twice before saying stuff I would easily say in middle school. A lot of friends have left or changed for the worst and a few have stayed true and close together. We’re all aware of things and we look out for each other in times like the pandemic. I’m glad to say that I enjoyed the little time I’ve spent as a senior so far.

Perry Williams Jr., Staff Writer

     My first day of high school I still remember it just like everyone else. I got to my class and just sat by myself.  It was my soon to be math class. We did an activity where we had to say my name and basically get to know each other. I met this girl named Deja and I would’ve never thought we should be close but literally till this day she’s my friend. It was a weird day. Everyone was so quiet just observing and not really talking and just trying to find where they fit in. 

      My first day as a senior I can’t even lie. I felt good knowing that I almost completed my 4 years. It went by so fast and it’s crazy that I am about to graduate. I am going to miss high school a lot. It really taught me and pushed me and created me to be the person I am to this day. I learned that in school it’s just like a job you know without getting paid: you just do what you have to do; it’s a responsibility. These years flew by and I’m telling you, don’t take it for granted and to live your high school lives up. 

      Graduation day is going to be hectic. I just know it is going to be people crying, of course, because of the fact that we did it. We did our 4 years of high school and it’s just done.  Just looking back at everything you did since freshman year to now it’s going to be on your mind while walking across the stage. Knowing that my friends did it and they are here to celebrate this with me is just going to  be a blessing because not everyone you know is walking that stage just because of different situations but we are going to do it for them so it’s just going to be emotional. 

Kristyn Brown, Staff Writer

During my freshman year, I entered Bronx River High School as a nervous and frightened young girl who didn’t know if she was going to be able to put up with school. When I first walked into the school building I looked as if I was a scared child who just wanted to make their way back home. Definitely moving from middle school to high school is a huge and scary step. Some moments I thought I was going to get lost and not know where to go. But, arriving at Bronx River High School for my first actual time appeared like a gap to something so new.

Once the year has passed, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I started to realize that I was going to have the best time here. Most of my teachers are very sweet, caring, and they have helped me out throughout the years. I truly loved being in high school due to the fact I became capable of achieving so much more now and I became capable of tackling plenty more responsibilities for myself. I was able to be trusted more and able to take on things myself, without the guidance of a teacher. I had a little bit more freedom in high school than middle school. I felt like I was ready to be trusted and be able to do things on my own. 

I am now a senior at Bronx River High School and have grown so much since freshman year. I entered this school as if I was a lost little girl who couldn’t find her mom and now I walk around as if I own the place. Honestly high school is a part that made me who I am today. It was influential towards my growth as an individual that had to let go of the hands of my juvenile past. Then, finally, grasp my exciting, mature future as a grown woman.

Bryan Garcia, Senior Life Editor

When I started high school, I was nervous to go into a new school. Even though I appreciated my time in my middle school, I was never in pictures to make memories and most important, I was not that influential at the time.

My first day of high school went well at least and I feel that day started a big change in my life. And now we are in senior year and I feel like a brand new version of me, and it feels incredible because I finally connect and have made many wonderful friends and memories. For me senior year is everything that my life needs. A change for the good.