BRHS – Town Hall Part 2


Warren Brown

Students compete in Cup contest.


Just as Town Hall was getting underway right before February break, someone on the Lehman campus decided to pull the fire alarm – forcing everyone out into the street and putting an unexpected end to our school’s celebration.
So on Friday, March 11, BRHS tried again – hosting an assembly featuring awards, raffles, music and a crazy Cups game.

DarnellFrancis-Mozon sings a solo as the students cheer and clap. (Warren Brown)

Logic awards were presented to scholars in each grade. And students who earned LOGIC dollars participated in a raffle for water bottles, lunch with the principal and even an $100 gift certificate.

Ms. Sobol presents a Logic Award winner (Warren Brown)  

Then came the entertainment. Ms. Kelly, an assistant principal, played TikTok videos of students, teachers and even our principal Mr. Fucheck dancing.

The Student Council then gave students a chance to play the Cup game – a jazzed up version of S

Tik-Tok video challenges entertained students and staff. (Warren Brown)

imon Says. Students – working in pairs –  tried to grab a cup in between following commands to touch their head, shoulder, back and toes. The assembly ended with a long but entertaining slide show of the year from Jan to now.